Welcome. I am:

  • the Haitian Queen, HQ or Brick.
  • a black woman in my 30s
  • living in Brooklyn N.Y.
  • a Capricorn with Libra rising and a Taurus moon
  • I was born in Long Island, N.Y. and am of Haitian Descent (Warrior Child)
  • classroom educated & hold a number of degrees
  • speak several languages
  • have lived in and visited many different countries all over the world
  • a soca junkie & a kompa queen

For more info, please read “Why do I call myself the Haitian Queen”.

I have had many incarnations on the internet, beginning in October 2001 with my site houseofbrick.net (pictured above, now defunct). I was Dark Soul Vixen on a short-lived literary site. I have also had a presence in the following sites/forums:

Where to find me:


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