Defining Self

Recently I began reading Iyanla Vazant’s book: “Until Today: Daily Devotions for Spiritual Growth and Peace of Mind“. Yesterday’s entry was “I will realize my own worth when I accept…the story I tell is the story I live”. An excerpt:

Excuse me, but nobody wants to hear your story again No one wants to be rude, but you’ve been telling everyone and anyone who would listen why you did not, could not, have not moved beyond the situation you are in and say you no longer want to be in. Quite frankly, no one wants to hear about it anymore.

She is right. It is so easy to sink into your failures, to mull them over in your mind, to make them apart of you, to allow them to make you feel inadequate. But that will just keep you mired in the past, unable to make a start or make movements towards a new and brighter future.

So the entry ends with “Today I am devoted to taking the time to re-write my story”. Immediately I took out a pen and began to write a list:

Today I am:
happy multilingual a good friend
frugal intelligent accomplished
well-adjusted social a writer
nervous & hopeful vivacious a Brooklynite
in love thoughtful a soca lover
natural loving Haitian-American
sensual smiling 3 year loc wearer
a woman bohemian prayerful
mature dancing through life contemplative

I ended with “loving my life and feeling slightly guilty because of it”.

All of the things that I thought would define me, my descriptive characteristics, ended up in my 3rd column. In the past, I always thought of who we are as the characteristics/adjectives we use to describe ourselves. But as I delve into the Law of Attraction I think I was wrong. What defines us, what we are is how we feel. I remember a time when I hated getting up in the morning and I dreaded my day ahead. I no longer feel that way, these days I feel pretty good. This is progress.

Now to get to the point where I don’t feel guilty about it. LOL


~ by Reveye on October 7, 2009.

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