So…what do you do?

There are definite pros and cons about living through a recession. I’m sure that we can all list cons: lack of steady employment, pay cuts, hour cuts, uncertainty in the job market. But I have identified a surprising pro.

This recession has kicked away some societal norms. For instance, before the recession, if you met someone new at a party, you could expect one of the first 3 questions to be “What do you do?”

Now that is such an uncomfortable question to ask with so many potential pitfalls that people rarely ask it any more. In fact, when someone asks me that question now I look at them strangely, like where have you been for the past year? Don’t you know that is not something you ask? People are unemployed, working jobs below their normal skill level, suffering through pay cuts, having to work twice the amount of hours for the same measly check. The answer to the question is fraught with ambiguity and pitfalls. So people rarely ask any more.

Which is fine by me. I never liked that question anyway. It is such a middle class question to ask. And I have never defined myself by my employment. In fact, I have had a history of well-paying jobs that I hated. I never liked to go to work in the morning.

Better you ask me “what part of town do you live in?” or “what do you like to do in your free time?”. Then you are getting at the essence of me, getting to know the type of person I am.

I am the type of person that doesn’t like to tell people what I “do”. LOL


~ by Reveye on September 18, 2009.

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