Moderation & Randomness

I need to stop complaining about how little I post here. Some of my favorite blogs put up new entries sporadically at best. What Men Are Thinking is one of the most insightful blogs that I have read to date. But they do not post every day. I peruse their archives and re-read occasionally. They drop so much knowledge with one entry that it is easy to miss some of their gems upon first read.

I am a procrastinator. I have accepted this long ago, and have been trying to combat it ever since. The Procrastinating Writers Blog has been a huge help. And this entry, is a lifesaver, for all you fellow procrastinators out there…

There are these trees on my blocks that are shedding acorns and the process is violent! I hear each acorn fall hard, on the sidewalk, on cars parked outside. I wait with bated breath for the sound of shattering glass, but it never comes, thank goodness.

Football season has officially begun! *fanfare* Break out the buffalo wings and put away the summertime Sunday parties! Woo-hoo! LOL. HQ loves her football and has officially entered her own personal version of heaven! LOL. Wonderful showing by the Giants today. Let’s go Big BLUE!


~ by Reveye on September 14, 2009.

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