Privacy has become such an amorphous term. You don’t want to have everyone picking over the intimate details of your life. But is anyone really that special? What is a human life? Aren’t the stories we see, the lives we are living just variations of the same stories that have always been? Is it so important that we keep everything to ourselves and no one know our innermost thoughts and feelings?

Isn’t anonymity a facilitator in making us disappear? I believe that humans fear oblivion and extinction. We long for validation and admiration from our peers, to make a mark on the world, become immortal. But if no one knows anything about you, how can they remember you?

I’m reminded of an ANTM models comment “you have to put yourself out there”. And I do believe that is an unavoidable component of success. Whether you are talking creatively or in the business world, people like to get a sense that they know something of the essence of you. It is apart of the process of human connection.

But the floodgates are open. We have no idea what balance could or should look like. The internet has thrown privacy on its ear. The truth is, if you want to participate fully in our “modern world”, you must be somewhat technologically savvy. If you have a presence on the internet, even just as a consumer, profiles, cookies and flash are compromising traditional notions of privacy. It is what it is.

And yet, it is opening yourself up to potential criticism and ridicule. Judgments of your character and life choices. And people can be so brutal these days. Because privacy is lost, people feel free to say whatever whenever they want about each other’s lives. We have lost of sense of decorum and kindness. And that is scary.

I’m just trying to figure out how much privacy is too much.


~ by Reveye on August 13, 2009.

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  1. there’s most definitely a thin line

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