Strike a pose…

My 30 day bikram challenge ended on Friday. I had no idea until I went in for class on Saturday morning! LOL. Yay for me! Since I get a free month now, I am going to try and extend it to 60 days.

I noticed the other day in class that my right side is slightly longer than the other. I wonder why that is? I grew up playing tennis and my forehand was always stronger, could it be that I favored that side? Or maybe I just started out that way in the womb? It puts my running injury into a different light: my doctor at the time mentioned it, but I had never noticed it myself.

And after 30 days of continuous yoga, that’s biggest change: my body knowledge and awareness. I am more aware of how my body feels both inside and out. I am also realistic about my body’s real size and proportion-I no longer think I have a huge stomach or enormous thighs. Concentrating on yourself in the mirror everyday will clear things up for you. I feel so much stronger. My muscles are really developing, and along with that my stamina. All of the wonderful changes in my body correspond with the newfound clarity of my mind.

For the next month and beyond, I am focusing on the 5 principles of yoga as defined by Bikram: faith, determination, self-control, concentration and patience. I repeat them over and over to myself as a mantra. I need to work on all 5, although I think I am severely lacking in both patience and concentration. However I already feel that changing about myself- the more I focus on it as a deficit in class, the more I find it intergrates itself into my daily life.

So 60 days & I have 28 days to go. Wish me luck!


~ by Reveye on May 17, 2009.

One Response to “Strike a pose…”

  1. Good luck and congratulations on the positive changes you are experiencing!

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