Week 3 begins…

Where on earth does the time go? Honestly, I feel as if I have just begun this challenge, yet I am into week 3! I can see how people can keep going…there is a woman at my studio doing 100 days…I am not sure if I have that type of stamina, but I can definitely see myself shooting for 60. It’s easy to get into a regular routine.

Starting to really see changes in my body…my calves & thighs are just crazy muscled…I grew up playing tennis, so it doesn’t take long for those suckers to come popping out again. I am also starting to see more definition in my arms. But the real changes are internal: my digestive system is working smoothly, circulatory is circulating…I just feel healthy, young and fit.

Today it was in the 60s and raining in NY…by far one of the most humid days we have had yet. It completely sapped my energy. I was sweating before we had even started the first pose. Our instructor stressed the importance of trying over and over, pointing out the correlation between our yoga mat and our lives: if we were quick to quit in the studio, chances are this is a habit we have in our lives outside the studio as well. I kept trying to get up & do the poses, but there were certain points where I just didn’t have any juice. Oh well, hopefully I can do better tomorrow.

Week 3! Yay me!


~ by Reveye on May 1, 2009.

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