Still getting my yoga on…

What day is this? 10? 11? Who knows? LOL.

Yesterday was a very difficult day. All these warm NY temperatures make sitting on people’s patios and roofs sipping oodles of wine seem like a wonderful idea. But it made it really difficult to get to class. I drank as much water as I could but I could still feel the difference. I am proud of myself though, for making it to class and for doing the poses. I honestly thought it would be a lay on the mat day, the way I was feeling! LOL.

This experience is really changing my views on alcohol. I feel so good without it in my life…and yesterday because of my overindulgence, I didn’t start to sweat until late into the class! Usually, I am sweating by the end of the second set of breathing exercises…definitely did not like sweating less. Didn’t feel as cleansed as normal. I think I will always be a party girl, but I might have to put that drink down more often than not….we shall see!

I am hitting my stride…getting to know the instructors, figuring out which ones I really like, what classes I refuse to miss. And slowly, quietly, they are getting to know me. I am not one of those chicks who sits around the studio gabbing about my life, so I am always pleasantly surprised when an instructor knows my name outside class. I know that they have been paying attention.

It’s onward and upward…I am into my second week of the challenge and things are moving along swimmingly!


~ by Reveye on April 28, 2009.

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