Bikram Day 2

Day 2 is…interesting. My arm awareness developed into a slight ache overnight, and holding my arms above my head in class was pure torture! I just kept thinking back to what my arms used to look like, and how wonderful I will feel in 2 weeks. Mind over matter. I can already feel a difference during class: I can hold my stomach muscles tighter, because the poses yesterday started alleviating my digestive issues. Last night I slept like a log, and this morning I feel pleasantly tired. And I am RAVENOUS…for healthy food. I am scarfing down brown rice as we speak. And I crave WATER like crazy!

My instructor had an interesting perspective: she told us to enjoy it, enjoy building our strength and taking time to ourselves at the beginning of the day. It’s a bit hard to enjoy yourself when sweat is running down your nose and you are straining to hold a pose, usually I try to focus on how good I will feel after class. But I tried to smile, relax and look forward to my favorite poses.

Today was a bit different because I stood underneath a heater, so it was very hot. That was good and bad: I was able to get a bit deeper into poses and I sweated a lot, which I love-purify baby! But at one point I was unable to get into the first set of triangle pose (trikonasana). I just felt overwhelmed, so I stood and breathed for a little while.

It made me remember last year when I was going through a difficult time. The instructors are always telling you how emotions will come up as well as toxins and sweat. I didn’t believe it until one of my classes last year, when I couldn’t stop crying. I did the poses with tears just running down my face! It was a revelation. And afterwards, I just felt so good and clean.

As I cried, I could feel the whole room bending towards me, buoying me up. And yet everyone acted as if nothing was happening- it was weird. My instructor just smiled at me and moved on with the poses. I knew that I wasn’t the first to cry through a class and wouldn’t be the last!

Looking forward to Day 3!


~ by Reveye on April 17, 2009.

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