Where do I go from here?

My blog writing has suffered as I have turned inward…I have been writing a lot in my paper journal. Yes, I do still keep one. I have learned to incorporate techonology into my life, a necessity in modern times. But I will always be seduced by a blank sheet of paper and a perfectly balanced pen. Also, after years of being a presence on the net, I have learned that there are some things better left away from prying eyes.

I have considered replacing this wordpress blog with a Tumblelog, especially since a lot of my blogging energy goes into my other blog. We shall see…of course I will keep you posted! I also use a lot of energy in twittering, after my initial misgivings, I have found it to be an effective communication tool. Please feel free to try and add me, although I must warn that if you don’t have information on your profile to indicate who you are, or if you are not an active poster, I am much less likely to add you in return…I have an active imagination and I watch a lot of Law & Order…let’s leave it at that! LOL

Last but not least, I had such a positive experience with Nanowrimo, even though I never completed my novella, I have been putting some very serious thought into participating in Script Frenzy for the month of April: writing is writing in my opinion, and I think keeping active in the craft of utmost importance. So far I am leaning toward a movie script, even though I have never written one. I have been researching, and am starting to become very excited at the possibilities…


~ by Reveye on March 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “Where do I go from here?”

  1. I am in the exact same place. I’ve been journaling (paper journal) something fierce. I, too, seem to be on some inward journey; lots of stuff to think about that’s not suitable for public consumption.

    As a funny aside, I am looking for a perfectly balanced pen, because you’re right, when you’re writing, it makes a difference! LOL

  2. LOL! Well on teh pen front, I love my Pilot Dr Grip. I am a big believer in big pens, I learned when I was in school with the amount of writing that I had to do that a larger pen relieves pressure on the fingers. And there is something about gel ink that just glides across the page…I just love this pen!

  3. It is amazing how many people out there are of similiar nature. I love to write also and I am so use to journaling on paper. So I am trying to find away to stay consistent yet balance the two. Either way it all helps. Just my thoughts.

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