Superbowl Sunday

I did not care about the Superbowl this year. I was sure the Steelers were going to sweep the Cardinals. When I finally sat down the watch in the 2nd quarter, the score was Steelers 10, Cardinals 7. I was mildly interested, because I expected the Steelers to be ahead by a lot more than they were.

When Harrison intercepted for a 100 yard return and touchdown, I began to believe that this game might be exciting after all.

Excitement was dampened a bit watching Bruce Springstein and the E Street band. I understand that Janet freaked the nation out with her wardrobe malfunction and foolishness at Superbowl XXXVIII. But does that mean that we are never again going to see a Superbowl performance with entertainers under the age of 40? Crazy camera angles and occasional pyrotechnics are not going to convince me that this was an exciting performance. Can you say yawn?

The game went on to be one of the most exciting that I ever witness. Arizona has heart! I had no idea. I was yelling right up until the last minute of the game. What an amazing victory the Steelers pulled off!

I was really not looking forward to this game. I was dissapointed that the the Giants didn’t make it farther in the playoffs. I could have cared less who won last night. I ended up cheering equally for both teams.

Last night I watched some real football. I am honored to have witnessed it. And finally this morning I got to see the other thing I had missed. Go Jennifer!


~ by Reveye on February 2, 2009.

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