Goodbye cheese…

I used to be obsessed with cheese. When I was younger, I used to always walk around with a kraft american single in my hand. I loved tuna melts and pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches. I had constant headaches and my doctor recommended that I cut back on the amount of cheese that I ate. I ignored him, thinking that the headaches were just a sign that I need to change my eyeglass prescription. I probably didn’t listen because my doctor never really explained why the cheese might be causing the headaches, but I digress.

2 years ago, I did my first cleanse. My holistic doctor made me take out the cheese. At first, it was so hard! I was scouring Whole Foods for vegan cheese alternatives, I was practically manic. But slowly, I began to feel the difference. I felt lighter, better. And no more headaches.

In these 2 years without cheese I have never looked back. I don’t even miss it anymore- no need for substitute. The scent of pizza actually makes me feel a bit ill. I don’t eat butter or ice cream either. It’s amazing, I thought cheese made me so happy and that I could never live without it. But I did. And I am!


~ by Reveye on January 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “Goodbye cheese…”

  1. I’m an addict myself..a cheese addict . I walk around with hunks of it . My ballet teacher told me since i was seven that we..especially black people should stay away from dairy ..because of slow processing in our bodies ..and mucus. Ive had a few health issues these past years and im searching now for a healthier lifestyle….but its hard to let go of my favorite snack…Im trying.

  2. I hear you 100%! 2 years ago I thought letting go of the cheese would be impossible…but I am here to testify (LOL) that it isn’t. Keep trying!!! You know I got your back! LOL

  3. I went vegan- temporarily; twice. And the hardest thing for me was to give up cheese. I really considered the vegan cheeses, but something about them scared me. I was sure that they were probably disgusting? And while, I have yet to taste any of them, I’d love your opinion on them. I’m trying to wain myself off of cheese. Maybe that’s the step I need first.

  4. The vegan cheeses are ok, and some of them (from what I remember) taste quite good, and like cheese. Explore a little, you’d be surprised at what you find. I don’t eat cheese at all anymore, not even substitutes, but I still eat soy butter which melts over everything and I think is yummy!

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