Post-Inaugural Contemplation

Yesterday was long and cold, but it was all worth it to hear his amazing speech, to witness him take the oath of office, to see President Obama and his First Lady walk proudly together, holding hands and waving in the parade. Afterwards, we stepped out to couple of celebrations.

At one bar I went to, they had CNN up on the screens on mute, and they showed the Obamas dancing at the Neighborhood ball. To see President Obama’s swagger, to see the way that he took hold of her for their first dance. To see their love for one another, to witness a black family, perfect and whole.

The Obamas are about more than the first black president. It is about a black first lady, a first lady who looks like me, who has done very well for herself. She is educated and poised, attractive and in-shape. She stands by her man. She flies in the face of all the stereotypical things that are said so carelessly about black women. She is married to the most powerful man in the world. And she can handle it. She is amazing.

It warms the heart. All the women in this particular bar were mesmerized by the picture that they present together. It is so beautiful. And God willing, we will get to witness this for 8 more years!


~ by Reveye on January 21, 2009.

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