My Internet Etiquette Tips

This past Sunday on CBS Sunday morning, they aired a segment lamenting the loss of manners in modern day society. It got me to thinking. Technology, while bringing a plethora of convenience has caused us to forget some of the basic human courtesy that used to be inherent in daily life. So I have 5 of my own tips that I feel will make everyone’s internet experience easier and nicer, borne of my observations and personal experiences:

  1. Email & text messaging cannot be your sole method of communication with your loved ones. I once watched a tv special about body language where they cited that only 5% of human communication is the actual words used, the rest is body language and tone. How you get that from an email left open to the reader’s interpretation? How do you get that from a limited word text message? Pick up the phone occassionally. Seeing your loved ones in person from time to time? Even better!
  2. Try never to announce major news/life changes in your life via the internet without letting your loved ones know first. Who wants to hear that you are in a relationship or engaged because you changed your facebook status? I would think that if it is an important life change, at least a phone call would be in order!
  3. Be cognizant of the pros and cons of the medium that you are using. Emails can be intercepted. Cell phones can be stolen. Facebook and Myspace comments can be read by everyone. Take a second to think before you hit the publish button. Does everyone need to know the information that you are sending? Can you call and let someone know your bank account number instead of sending a text?
  4. Please do not type your message using ALL CAPS. This is an oldie but goodie. To technologically savvy folks, this looks like yelling. Don’t be so lazy, use caps lock and shift keys where warranted by the rules of English grammar, if you know them (that’s a whole ‘nother post! LOL)
  5. Please realize that emails especially cannot really be erased. Once you send it, it is basically floating in the atmosphere forever, and you never know who can pull it up again. How many SEC cases or news scandals in recent years were born from an email trail that simply failed to be erased? Don’t be stupid, again, pick up the phone or talk to the person face to face if you have sensitive information that you wish to pass along, rather than risk it!

~ by Reveye on January 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “My Internet Etiquette Tips”

  1. Yes on #2!!!! I once got wind of an engagement of a couple that I was good friends with both of them (or so I thought) through a mass e-mail. Mind you I had spoken to one of them earlier that week.

    …and #5 is a given, I don’t understand how many people don’t get this in this day and age.

  2. I did #2 to someone once, but I don’t think i really understood how it felt until it happened to me. I tell you though, it makes it easy to catalogue people in your life! If you don’t even think I warrant a private email? Then you need to be moved to the bottom of the list! LOLOL

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