Changes within the church…

I was baptized into the Roman Catholic church. Recently, I have read a very interesting set of articles that indicate to me a change is coming, whether or not the Vatican wishes to acknowledge it.

There is a major worldwide shortage of priests. In the article Serving US Parishes, Fathers Without Borders, a priest succintly outlines the issue:

“Until we face the issue of mandatory celibacy and the ordination of women, we can’t deal with the lack of response to the invitation to priesthood.”

2 articles In America for a Job, a Kenyan Priest Finds A Home and India, an Exporter of Priests May Keep Them further outline the problems specific to the U.S. There have been past attempts to ordain women priests (read A Place At The Altar) and married priests (read Catholic Bishops Again reject Married Priests) to no avail. I fear that by the time the church realizes the error of their ways, there will not be any members left who care.

That’s why I was so interested to read In a Quiet Rebellion, Parishioners Keep the Faith. In 2004 and 2005, many churches around the U.S. were closed, citing rising costs. But in some parishes, the parishioners are holding 24 hour vigils in church buildings, refusing to allow the diocese to close their churches. The faith is being administered by women in some of these “closed parishes”, right down to the mass, where they are distributing communion that has been consecrated elsewhere by priests.

Do you understand how amazing that is? I had a thrill when I read that- it is history in the making. I grew up in the church, attending Catholic schools and always participating in and celebrating mass (& wanting to be an altar boy, which they didn’t allow in my time). This move is unprecedented. Here’s hoping that the Roman Catholic church begins to bend this rigid doctrine which has done nothing but cause the faithful to either leave the church or become passive and apathetic. Enough of the politics, let’s get back to the faith!


~ by Reveye on January 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “Changes within the church…”

  1. This post is right on time, because I saw the movie “Doubt” yesterday. Your post is food for thought about the Catholic church, and role of gender as it relates to the priesthood, etc.

  2. Ooo, do I need to see Doubt? Sounds like it might be right up my alley!

  3. Yeah, you might want to check it out, even when it comes out on Netflix or something. I’d be curious to know what you think of it.

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