One time movies….

There are certain movies that I can’t re-watch because they were too sad, profound or upset me in some way. Here are my top non-re-watchable good movies of all time, in no particular order:

  • Million Dollar Baby I saw this on a date. I barely recall the dude, but I remember the movie! I cried buckets of tears. I will never forget it. When she tries to bite her tongue off *shudder*…Clint Eastwood is an amazingly talented director.
  • Beloved The subject matter, slavery, already strikes a chord within me. Then there is a healthy dose of mysticism, which scared me. I loved this one, and I can never watch it again. I still go over the book from time to time however – I love the speeches in the clearing.
  • Dead Man Walking I saw this movie when I was in college. Susan Sarandon was masterful as the nun, Sean Penn as the death row prisoner. I truly learned to respect Sean Penn as an actor and not just as Madonna’s ex. I cried at the end, I was frantic for them not to put him to death…and he was guilty! An excellent movie.
  • Training Day What a great film, even though I do not like Ethan Hawke very much (he always seems a bit unkempt, which bothers me). But Denzel Washington getting an award for this movie, where he played a rogue cop, really pissed me off. He should have gotten an award years before for Philadelphia. I can’t bring myself to watch it again. But I still love Denzel. Always love Denzel!
  • Friday Night Lights The game was so amazing! First Boobie gets injured. Then the Panthers lose, so bone-crushingly disappointing! I feel too much for football to watch this movie again.
  • Philadelphia (Honorable Mention) The movie that Denzel should have gotten the award for. He was a very convincing homophobic lawyer. And Tom Hanks, the way that he fought for his rights as he wasted away…winning the case, but not being there to reap the reward. This was a gut-wrencher.

~ by Reveye on January 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “One time movies….”

  1. I’m so glad to see that someone else can’t watch Million Dollar Baby again. Truly, it was gut-wrenching.

  2. Philadelphia is so hard. *sigh* For me, “Boys Don’t Cry” is a one-time movie. After the first time I watched it, I just can’t do it. I know what’s coming, and it’s just too much.

  3. See for me, “Boys Don’t Cry” is a different category. There are certain sad movies that I like to watch again and again. Like “Steel Magnolias” or “The Color Purple”. Sad movies that make me cry every time, but I watch them over and over again….

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