Happy New Year!

I had a really difficult 2008 on many levels. I realize that change is inevitable, often putting you in position for growth and accomplishment but honestly I am just tired! 2009 will be better than this.

I don’t have resolutions because I don’t believe you can just change in one day. But I do have things that I would like to eliminate or improve upon for 2009, and the work started in 2008:

  1. More constructive use of my time: I have stopped watching as much television, hoping that I can get rid of cable completely (although Project Runway and Without a Trace re-runs may not allow that to happen for me). I have also severely limited my time on myspace and facebook. Myspace gives me a headache with all the flashy ads. Facebook is more meaningful, but I don’t want to spend my entire life online. I have been using this time to devote to my writing and reading, and for the past couple of weeks, it has been wonderful.
  2. Devote more time to fitness: this happens every year around this time because of carnival. Thoughts of the skimpy costume that I’ll be wearing in February keep me on track. This year I am aiming for a bit of muscle tone and not just weightloss…that is a new frontier to achieve in so short a time. We will see how successful I am at achieving that goal.
  3. Be happy: I am generally a happy person. but this year I have gotten bogged down in a lot of different things, and the attitudes of different people have affected me a bit more than I feel that they should. I am dedicating 2009 to striving towards my greatness, doing that I want to do and being happy.

Happy New Year and I hope that you achieve all of your goals for 2009!


~ by Reveye on January 1, 2009.

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