On this, the last day of 2008…

Have you ever had anyone shake your belief in self? It can be earth shattering. You know yourself, but someone else else fails to see what you know and believe that you project. Or worse, you do something that goes against your personal code, and that one event is used to assess your character forever, without room for forgiveness or change.

In my 20s, I laughed events like this off. The one doing the judging was the crazy person, not me. As I have gotten older, I started seeing shades of gray where everything used to be simple black or white, right or wrong. Not so easy to laugh off.

Several times in 2008 I have had to actively disregard the feelings of others. Ignore it when good intention and feeling were thrown back in my face. Take myself in hand and repeat my mantra. Push fear aside. Survive hard times through sheer will, determination, repetition and laughter (& tears- I have cried a river in 2008).

In this, the last day of the old year, I vow to stand stronger and wiser. No one knows me like I know me (no matter how hard they try to pretend otherwise). And no one ever will. You don’t have to believe in me, I believe in me. & I’m back baby!

Can’t wait to say goodbye to 2008!


~ by Reveye on December 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “On this, the last day of 2008…”

  1. You know, I’ve been reading your writing for many years now. It’s just so crazy how time just flies. I decided late last year that I wanted to begin blogging again and began writing and posting publishing dates. I just finished creating a blog about people not knowing me and then to come here and read you state that same thing. This post hit me to my core because it felt like something that has just recently come out of my mouth. I too, vow to stand stronger and wiser. It’s already the New Year, and I hope that this year is just as great for you as I believe it will be for me. Peace!

  2. Thanks Cee!! So glad you stopped by!!! Yes, all the best in this New Year to you as well. Nothing but good things in ’09!

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