I have many diaries: I have been keeping one since I was in the second grade. Once upon a time, I found a box full of my old diaries. I read myself when I was 17, then again at 20. I was all over the place back then. Still, I couldn’t help but be tender towards my younger self. She made mistakes, but she held her head high and did the best she could.

I am a memory-keeper. I have many scrapbooks, with events organized chronogically. My photo albums actually have typed labels underneath the pictures, where I list the event and the name of every person in the photo. I have albums on my social networking sites, and I am just as meticulous there, listing venues and tagging like crazy.

Occasionally I worry that I record too much. Perhaps we as humans are not meant to remember this much detail. The idea behind the minimalism of feng shui is that physical possessions keep us mired in the energy of our past. How can meticulous diaries and photo albums not do the same thing? Perhaps all this memory is not allowing me to move on and seek new paths.

But I love the written word. I have sustained this love ever since I was a small child. It was only heightened as I learned how to communicate in more languages. If I see print anywhere: a billboard, a flyer, the side of a cereal box, my eyes are inevitably drawn to it, and I can’t help but read. By the same token, I love people and I love the memories that they have given me.

So I store everything away in a box and hope that the day doesn’t come where I become too full of memory to continue. And when I look back, and remember how I was feeling when I wrote this diary entry or took this picture, I smile. How can that be bad?


~ by Reveye on December 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “Memory”

  1. I also am a memory-keeper, and still have all my journals since I began at 13. Lately, I too, have begun to think about the idea of “recording too much.” I have started purging a lot of things, trying to keep only the “essentials.” It’s tough, though, to decide what’s essential. Sometimes, I think some memories only serve to weigh us down.

  2. I agree…but then what would life be like if you don’t remember? Are we doomed to repeat mistakes of the past? It’s a catch 22….damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  3. It IS a catch-22. Which is probably why I don’t get rid of EVERYTHING. LOL Because I think the same thing – “What would life be like if you don’t remember?”

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