The news organizations are all abuzz about it. Chrysler is going to shut down its plants for a month, up from its usual 10 days for the holiday season, starting today. It also looks like Washington will be forcing a restructuring of the US automakers, well, all except Ford who doesn’t appear to need anyone’s help.

I hate to be the purveyor of doom here, but this move is long overdue. Honestly, when is the last time you knew someone who bought a Chrysler? I went a took a look at their website, I don’t even recognize half the cars in their lineup! I know about the PT Cruiser (which I have heard drives like crap). But the Aspen? The Sebring? Not sweeping driveways across the nation as far as I know.

There comes a time when you must recognize when something no longer sells. The name Chrysler calls to mind an ugly old rusting brown car in the back of someone’s driveway or molting in a messy backyard, not anything that I am in any hurry to drive anywhere. It’s a branding issue, the name is way past its prime. Add to that the astronomical price the company is paying for their pensions and their failing business model, and you have a company that is no longer viable.

I am glad that Washington is taking the companies in hand and cushioning this restructuring so that its impact on our already failing economy is lessened. But really, seriously, it’s time! It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday, I know. But it’s time to realize what works and what doesn’t. And Chrysler, despite it’s long and glorious history in this country, no longer works.


~ by Reveye on December 19, 2008.

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