Cleansing the Body

I did my first cleanse 2 years ago under the guidance of a holistic health doctor here in Brooklyn. I had a urine and saliva analysis which determined that I needed to be put on a sugar-free vegan diet. I did the cleanse for 7 weeks, punctuating each week with hydro-colonic therapy (which can also be referred to as a colonic irrigation).

I felt amazing. After the first 2 weeks, which were fraught with headaches and crazy mood swings, I began to feel lighter, happier and healthier. My skin cleared up and I began to lose excess weight. I felt a true change occur within me, a change for the better.

I felt so good that I held onto a portion of the diet: to this day, I do not eat red meat or cheese, and I eat considerably less dairy. For my birthday last year, I treated myself to hydro-colonic therapy at a fancy spa. The woman who gave me the treatment there told me to eliminate white flour completely. So I now also try to eat mostly brown rice and pasta, although that can be difficult if you are eating out.

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I lie on my back on the table, covered by a paper sheet. The technician hooks the tubes up to the machine. She makes me turn over, and then tells me to take a deep breath. As I breathe deeply she slides a thin plastic tube into my rectum. It doesn’t hurt, more of an awareness that there is something foreign there. Once the tube is inserted, I turn onto my back.

She sets the timer for 25 minutes. She fills my intestines with water until I tell her when I feel like I need to make a bowel movement. She then empties the water and starts again. We fall into a natural rhythm: she fills me with water until I tap her, she empties the water out, we start again. It’s not smelly or uncomfortable, and I can’t see what is coming out unless I want to. To do so, I would have to lift my head and look at the machine at the foot of the table. Often we have a conversation about our day, or listen to the radio during the procedure. She also massages the stomach (at the spa, they give you a hot stone massage on your stomach…so nice).

When the timer goes off, she fills me up with water and then sends me to the bathroom. I may spend about 5-15 minutes in the bathroom. I take an acidophilus pill to return the natural pH to my intestines, and I’m on my way.


~ by Reveye on December 16, 2008.

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