Silence is Golden

I first became intrigued with the notion of silence in high school, when I had to read “The House of the Spirits” for English class:

“Clara was ten years old when she decided that speaking was pointless and locked herself in silence. Her life changed markedly…[the doctor] declared that her case was not within his province to cure, since the child was silent because she did not feel like speaking, not because she was unable to.”
-“The House of the Spirits” Isabelle Allende

Meditation is defined as: “continued or extended thought; reflection; contemplation” or “devout religious contemplation or spiritual introspection”. It is a word derived from the Latin meditātiō meaning “a thinking over”. Many faiths and spiritual beliefs include mediation. And the foundation of meditation is silence.

Try it. Find a quiet corner in your house and sit in silence for 5 minutes. I think you will find it very difficult to achieve at first: there will be a lot of fidgeting and you may even find yourself humming to fill the silence without realizing it! But the more you practice, the easier it will come. Your mind needs it, your spirit needs it. Silence will allow you to tap into previously undiscovered parts of your mind and consciousness.

I have had many periods in my life where I have felt the need to be silent. Unfortunately, with the way modern lives are structured, I find it difficult to spend more than a day in total silence. Even if you live alone, if you have loved ones, sooner or later they will demand a word from you. I long to go away on a silent retreat, spend perhaps a weekend or maybe even a whole week in silence, contemplating life and allowing thoughts to bubble up into my consciousness. In the interim, taking 5-10 minutes a day to sit in silence sustains me. I hope it will do the same for you.


~ by Reveye on December 15, 2008.

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