The Proper Way to Stretch

I used to be a runner. I have participated in several races in Manhattan and Brooklyn, mostly 3ks, 5ks and 5 milers. I was a member of NYRR and I was working my way up to a marathon. I enjoyed running, not during the activity of course, but I enjoyed the post-run high and the muscle conditioning.

In December 2006, I participated in a 5 mile Holiday Race in Central Park. It was really cold that morning, and I wanted to be sure I had prepared myself properly. I stretched for a half hour. But I still managed to injure my left knee during the course of the race. I was devastated!

I could never understand why it happened. But recently, research has unearthed that static stretching, where you stretch and hold a pose for 30-40 seconds IS NOT the best way to prepare for physical activity. Rather, muscles should be stretched while moving, a technique known as dynamic stretching.

For more information, read the New York Times article, or listen to the Brian Lehrer segment on the topic with Gretchen Reynolds. See below for a video of dynamic stretching:


~ by Reveye on December 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Proper Way to Stretch”

  1. Never heard of dynamic stretching, but it makes sense to me now… thas what’s up!!

  2. Doesn’t it? I hate that it took us so long to learn this…and scientists think they are infallible..hah!

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