What to eat?

This site began because my good friend Kush sent me a you tube link regarding melinated DNA. Now I am definitely not ready for that discussion (perhaps a month of more research). But curiousity killed the cat (and since she has 9 lives, she came back only stronger) so I commenced to clicking and I came across a man named Dr. Sebi.

(There are 7 parts to this interview, I have only posted the first)

I am normally impatient with video. I am a writer, therefore I like to read. But something about this man captivated me. perhaps it is his conviction, he really looks as if he knows what he is talking about. And having embarked upon the world of hydro-colonic cleansing and fasting, I was ripe for his message.

Has this man really cured all of these diseases? That’s amazing! Is it true that carrots are not natural, that they are created by man? I never thought about it before and carrots are not a plant that I have had an opportunity to see grow. I find his theories interesting…and I am this close to becoming a vegetarian (not quite ready for veganism yet)!


~ by Reveye on December 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “What to eat?”

  1. Dr. Sebi is very wonderful, and yes he has healed many from various diseases. Some other great herbalists include Queen Afua and Djehuty Maat Ra, who happens to have one of the most informative website regarding health!

  2. I am familiar with Queen Afua. I will have to take a look at Djehuty Maat Ra….thank you!

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